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Business Planning

Planning & Consolidation

We allow driving accountability through smarter Financial Planning and Consolidation solutions. We enable companies with a rapid deployment of budgeting and forecasting capabilities at an affordable cost with access from anywhere. Our high performance modeling engine allows you to quickly build apps that truly fit around how you plan for your business.

Azure Compatible Rapid Deployment Solutions

Sales & Revenue Planning

Automatically integrate with sales & demand data from CRM or other systems. Conduct what if analysis based on different revenue scenarios and assumptions. Drive costs, staffing, and capital assets from the sales plan. Spread values over time for upcoming revenue and see immediate impact on the bottom line

Opex Budgeting

Use driver based planning based on data from other modules to plan spending. Easily perform what if analysis on different spending scenarios for planning. Communicate your reasoning for expense items through cell specific annotations. Centralized management of assumptions, formulas for expense calculations, comments and rollups

Cashflow & Balance Sheet Planning

Integrate all GL data into one interface to view P&L, balance sheet forecasting & cash flow projection. Perform what if analysis on different cash requirements scenarios

Workforce Planning

Automatically integrate with all data from your company's HR tracking systems. Conduct what if analysis based on different hiring scenarios and assumptions.  Model driver based planning modules to be driven by revenues, staffing needs or budget allocations. Reduce workforce planning cycle time


Statutory and management consolidation for external and internal reporting. IFRS consolidation with complex ownership structure and currency conversion including translation reserves. Journals and comment management with auditing.

Cap Ex Planning

Integrate capital asset planning with P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow. Use of drivers such as headcount or production units to plan new capital expenditures. Run depreciation simulation over time and see immediate impact to balance sheet and cash flow statements

Business Plan

Why 3rd Rock?

Streamline cycle time by up to 95%
Improve accuracy with automatic aggregation of data
Complete transparency with full audit trail, version control and analysis tools
Integrated process management and workflow support.
Increases cost efficiency by 80%+ compared to legacy solutions

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